Unstable Ground

Humans are always already rooted by other perspectives and enacted with an other without explicitly knowing them. A readiness to be changed by this unknown other opens up different ways of knowing and experiencing, while comforting them to existing categories does not do justice to their alterity. How can we learn to act amid our worldly entanglement, effectively suspend our urge to categorise and thus cultivate story-telling practices that emphasise relationality?

Exploratory writing and analytical drawing is the ground for my perpetuous attempts to reach into our worldly entanglement, societal structures and aesthetic experiences. To get in touch with the non-verbal aspects of my conceptual research and the perspectives I could not reach, I started to work with various media simultaneously, each prompting different insights. Thus, at the beginning of 2021, I set up this long-term series of speculative field research.

Platform | noun, often attributive | an exploration into how we as humans experience the world

Unstable Ground | studying perpetuous movement with the Open-Source-3D- and 2D-animation-software Blender

Difference across Distance | investigating the German-Dutch border region around Tegelen (NL) through extensive walks, taking photographs, conceptual research, drawing and writing

The Gap | is taking the form of a physical and experiential case study of the Hardangerfjord in Ålvik (Norway), the frjord provides an unsurmountable distance (a gap) that I am eager to explore

Mirroring Fields | ongoing: recurring field research in areas along the sea around The Hague (NL), learning to notice and get into resonance with environmental subtleties through repetition