Research Residency

I will soon start experimenting here.

platform, noun, attributive

“Can a platform encourage us to wander through the non-linear layers of the world?”

When events happen one after the other in close proximity our minds draw connections1, applying visual and emotional cues that serve as anchor points. In the act of unconsciously connecting the anchor points, the framework for our reality develops – an (individual) experience of the world. I am deeply intrigued how we project our experiences onto the world, as we learn to recognize ourselves in the reflections of a mirror. The act of projection is one-directional, and keeps us from forming a relation that is based on reciprocity and transformation, which would bring us in resonance with others and the world. A meaningful relationship entails “the subject's experience of some Other calling upon it, which requires understanding or answering but also has the ability to change the subject.”2 Humans desire to be in resonance, which becomes most apparent when we alter our own stories and retell them with other stories: called Serious Denormalization3 by Donna Haraway. It is an act of allowing an others‘ story to change one’s own, and thereby shifting the connections of the established framework of anchor points.

For the research residency at Witte Rook, I want to take the act of retelling our own stories as a starting point to look into the moment when our framework of reality shifts – the brief moment when we are in resonance.

taking place at Witte Rook in Breda, in October and December 2020
09 - 15 November: Process Presentation

made possible with kind support of Stroom Den Haag in the form of research subsidy

1) Naomi Klein, On Fire, p. 44: “When intense events happen in close proximity to one another, the human mind often tries to draw connections that are not there, a phenomenon known as apophenia.”
2) Hartmut Rosa, The Future of the New: Beyond the Echo Chamber, p.25
3) Donna Haraway, Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene: Staying with the Trouble, talk 5/9/14